Business Areas

Weidmann Electrical Technology

Weidmann Electrical Technology has been at the heart of the global transformer industry for almost 150 years. With profound knowledge in the design, development and operation of transformers, Weidmann is a leading integrated solutions provider for specialized product and services in the energy sector. Working closely with our customers, Weidmann continues to lead the global market delivering high quality, innovative products and service solutions.

Weidmann Fiber Technology

Weidmann Fiber Technology is a producer of microfibrillated cellulose, offering high-quality and environmentally-friendly products tailored to customer requirements. Through production know-how and a culture that is deep-rooted in research and development of new materials, Weidmann Fiber Technology partners with our customers, research institutes and universities to bring application driven, innovative microfibrillated cellulose products to reality.

Weidmann Medical Technology

Weidmann Medical Technology has featured safety, reliability and an open company culture for generations. Our focus lies in the development of innovative, technically advanced, injection-molded components for medical and pharmaceutical applications. Our core competence lies in the conversion of product ideas to industrialized product for international manufacture.